The Creative VC

Bridging artistry, technology and finance

The Creative VC is helmed by an industry stalwart with a 20-year journey in media and entertainment, me, 'Mike Pio Roda'. Pioneering a vision where culture is capital I've always believed in empowering creative founders, and providing strategic guidance to help them shape the economy of tomorrow.

With a firm focus on inclusivity, I created The Creative VC to champion unconventional founders with non-traditional backgrounds through advisory and mentorship. With genuine connections and an authentic understanding of the creative industry, I am looking to provide a platform to foster a sense of belonging while providing equal opportunities for success. By building bridges between capital and culture, I'm trying to help early-stage creative leaders thrive.

PS: The Creative VC is a consultancy to help prepare founders for funding and to help them create a foundation to succeed, pre-funding. My firm, No Noise Ventures is the funding arm I use for investments.

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